Wall Cladding and Stack Stone

Cladding comes in a large range of colours, shapes and textures. It is produced from various types of stone and is suitable for an almost endless list of applications.

Stone cladding can be used to bring an existing wall or structure back to life by turning a once dull brick wall into the decorative focal point or feature piece of your garden or home.

Available in a variety of forms, our range of cladding and stack-stone consists of both pre-fabricated stone panels and individual pieces that require assembly.

The prefab panels are simply glued on to the substrate and butt-joined to create a dry-stacked stone wall effect. The ‘loose’ individual pieces can be assembled either dry-stacked without mortar joins or spaced and grouted depending on the desired finish. Both will reduce building costs and are far lighter and easier to handle than the original solid stone method of walling.

Fireplaces, retaining walls, facades, pillars, feature walls, letterboxes, barbecue’s, water features and outdoor kitchens are just a few examples of where stone cladding can be used to set off your indoor or outdoor area.

Different choice in mortar colouring can dramatically change the appearance of your cladding, and is worth considering. Capping pieces are also available for the tops of walls and features.


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