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Technical Characteristics

Isolastic 50 is a very fluid, pinkish-white liquid composed of water dispersion of an extremely elastic polymer which, when mixed with cement based adhesives, improves adhesion to all substrates, deformability and impermeability, once hydration has taken place.

Where To Use

Isolastic 50 + Kerabond

  • Ceramic tiles of every type (double fired, single fired, grés, kinkier, glass mosaic, porcelain tiles, etc.)
  • Stone material and large size tiles.

Isolastic 50 + Kerafloor

For interior and exterior bonding of:

  • Large size ceramic tiles
  • Ribbed clinker tiles, cot to tascano, stone slabs, etc. needing layers of adhesive thicker than 5mm.
  • Cermaic tiles on substrates with irregularities up to 15mm

Isolastic 50 + Adesilex P10

For interior and exterior floors and walls bonding of front and reverse side installation of normal or heavy weight glass, marble and ceramic mosaic.

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