Planicrete by Mapei

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Technical Characteristics

Planicrete is a water dispersion of a special synthetic elastomer, totally resistant to alkaline saponification. It is a very fluid, greenish-white latex which, when mixed with aggregates and Portland cement, improves their plasticity, water retention capacity and trowellability in general. After setting and final curing, cement mixes modified with Planicrete have a stronger bond to all surfaces, have better resistance to flexing and abrasion, are more impermeable and become resistant to freeze-thaw cycles. They are also more flexible and have better chemical resistance to diluted acids and alkalis, salt solutions, and oils.

Where To Use

  • As an admixture to improve the mechanical and adhesive characteristics of cement-based screeds, renders, thin plasters, etc.
  • As an admixture for highly adhesive cement bonding slurries.

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