Col Smith stocks a large range of landscaping tools and builders tools at our three Melbourne locations.

Our extensive range of tools and hardware includes:

Brickies Tools:

Wheelbarrows, Trowels, String Lines, Profile Clamps, Gauge Rods, Hard Brushes, Line Blocks, Multi Hooks, Line Pins, Measuring Tapes, shovels and much more.

Concrete tools:

Loop Ties and pullers, Tie Wire, String Lines, Line Blocks, Diamond Core Drills, Sponges, Sprayers, Markers and Marking Paint, Wheelbarrows, Concrete Sealer, Solvent, MBT Retardant, Hydrochloric Acid and much more


Sledge Hammers, Claw Hammers, Brick Hammers, Mash Hammers, Scutch Hammers and Mallets.

Trowles & Floats:

Mag floats, Render Trowels & Floats, Concrete Trowels, Edgers, Groovers, Finishing Trowels and Bull Floats.

Bonding Agents & Additives:

Oxide, Gibco liquid limil, Planicrete and isolastic, Best Bond, Kemcrete, Bondcrete, Plasticiser, Waterproofer and Quick Setter.

If you are in the market for Garden & Building supplies, whether it be mulching the yard or building a house, please come and see us… you’ll find out why “Col Smith Delivers”.


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