Granirapid by Mapei

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Technical Characteristics

Granirapid is a two-component adhesive composed of special white or grey binder and silica sand (part A) and a synthetic rubber latex (part B).

Granirapid has particulary fast setting and hydration times so that floors and walls are set to light traffic after 3 hours and completely cured after only 24 hours.

Granirapid has a low shrinkage and excellent bonding characteristics which make it suitable for all of the most difficult substrates. Its mechanical properties make it resistant to impact, vibration, temperature changes, ageing and dilute chemical agents.

Where To Use

For bonding all kinds of interior and exterior ceramic tiles; reconstructed, artificial and natural stones and marble on walls or floors.

For bonding rubber flooring for cement installations (stalk back or dove-tailed back) on all traditional substrates in interiors, exteriors and in environments subject to heavy traffic.

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Part A Material Safety Data Sheet
Part B Material Safety Data Sheet